About & Care


Our Jewellery is designed in the United Kingdom by expert fashionistas involved in the urban culture scene across the world. We represent and lead the present and future generation of urban Jewellery design. We guarantee the upmost quality, design & craftsmanship on every piece at unrivalled, unbeatable prices.

Our Jewellery is crafted using premium quality materials with the latest technological tools, to innovate in the filed of developing premium quality designer Jewellery with precise and accurate inserts for the upmost attention to detail guaranteed to enhance and complete every urban style & look.



The chosen base material for our Jewellery is Premium 316L Stainless Steel. It's a great choice for those whose skin is sensitive to metal as it's hypoallergenic making it safe for sensitive skin as it prevents leaving any unwanted green marks on your skin.

All of our Jewellery is crafted with genuine real Gold. We use a process called Physical Vapour Deposition which is done in an oxygen free sealed vacuum where the Jewellery is dipped five times in Gold, awarding our 18K Gold PVD Plated Jewellery with extreme resistants and a flawless shine.

Our pieces featuring gemstones are hand-set and perfectly positioned by Jewellers for the upmost precise attention to detail rewarding our Jewellery with an amazing shine and design that shines in all directions. The quality of our gemstones are real five AAAAA+ Cubic Zirconia stones which guarantees an outstanding, eye striking shine.

Our Jewellery is made to order, providing freshly manufactured Jewellery to our customers so they receive longer lasting Jewellery exclusively designed here at CELESTAL.



Our Jewellery is built to last meaning it’s waterproof, sweat-proof and heatproof allowing you to sleep with your Jewellery on, and allowing you to shower and swim in chlorinated/sea water. However we do not recommend this as our Jewellery can last up to half a decade with optimal care.

We recommend avoiding direct contact with household cleaning products. We recommend you remove your Jewellery every night before going to bed, and clean your piece with a soft cloth to wipe off any unnecessary waste that may cause unwanted decay. This is to prolong the lifespan and shine of your Jewellery for years to come.

We recommend you remove your Jewellery when showering, exercising, at the beach, or swimming in chlorinated water as all pieces featuring valuable materials and gemstones are very precious and need to be treated with care.



Our mission at CELESTAL is to provide premium quality Jewellery at a fair affordable price so you can can join the revolution and evolution of modern urban Jewellery lead by us. We provide the best prices in the United Kingdom. Guaranteed.